Why choose Web Magic Winnipeg?

You might have had to have done a ton of due diligence before choosing a developer/designer for your projects. Well if the story narrated above hasn’t convinced you to make a wise choice, here are a few scoring points about us that you must acknowledge:

  • We are an essentially interactive agency that focuses on truly collaborative design and development. We put our customers in the driver’s seat and enhance their projects’ outputs wherever and however we can. Web development is what we do and web development is what we do best.
  • We keep you posted and have you by our side all through the entire agile development process, so that you may not receive any surprises and/or shocks toward the end.
  • We, at Web Magic Winnipeg, have an extensive network of qualified web designers and developers, and, most significantly, dedicated project management personnel who follow a strict regimen for parsing/allocating tasks to the teams.

Web Magic Winnipeg offers you the luxury of prompt attention to your requests, even for small bug fixes or menial tweaks to pages.

Team Web Magic Winnipeg is and has always been committed to serving all your needs and giving life to your ideas and innovations. We come, we plan and we conquer. Your dreams are only so far away from your reach, and Web Magic Winnipeg is with you every step of the way. You lead, we follow.

SCRUM sprints is what we like to call our week long cycles on the Drupal, Magento, WordPress and Mobile platforms arranged in order to develop your project such that the results stick to your ribs! These SCRUM sprints are planned beforehand, in many cases for a few weeks in a row. During the course of SCRUM, our team of skilled and efficient developers is attentive to just and only your project and everything it carries with it. These “sprints”, as we like to call them, are well planned so that nobody gets surprises and so that any changes, natural or requested at any time are catered for.

Throughout the time of sprint, we maintain absolute project exposure and openness. Our team is in contact at all times and we do that by having effective all-team planning and check-in calls on a daily basis. How do we manage that? Our team makes use of online chat services to be precise. And since we believe that the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, we do whatever it takes to make sure that isn’t the case with you. We use our agile project management tool to strategize and plan all activities for the following week, so that we know what to look forward to! (Or not, in some cases).

The said Sprint approach promotes genuine joint effort between you and us. It makes things easier and rationalizes the development process so that better products are generated with higher quality and in shorter time.

Here at Web Magic Winnipeg, we don’t do things behind closed doors. Our team makes sure you don’t feel left out! You are free to communicate with the development team whatever time you feel the need; they’ll be pleased to answer your questions and cure all ambiguities. This also encourages you to be comfortable with your team by getting to know them better. The open and continuous contact permits our group to work with you even more closely so that you are kept up to date as we advance and address any issues that surface. With you right by our side, we have the capacity to cooperate to discover or devise quick arrangements or alternative ways to achieve your objectives and bringing your ideas to life. This gives you total control over your project. You are the organizer, planner and director, and so you are able to make decisions such that you get the end product you wanted and ensure the creation of the project accordingly.

Our team makes all the efforts to assist you in your project and ensures that you stay ahead of the game.