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What you need to know as a Marketer about the Technical SEO Audit in 2017

Being a marketer also involves taking care of tasks that involve technical aspects, as you may already know, especially in the beginning of a marketing campaign. No matter what decisions you take concerning technical aspects, the validity of your decisions will be reflected by the SEO technical audit. This process will tell you what is the status of various technical aspects of a site and what can be done to make the pages of that site become more visible in search engines. Any company providing online marketing services should know what this audit is all about and how to use it to create more functional websites.

1. Metadata

When we are talking about Metadata, we say Meta descriptions and title tags. Both of them are essential in letting know both the visitors and search engines about the content of a website. These two should be very well optimized to improve the click-through rates of your website. Do contact our team of search engine optimization in Winnipeg and let us show you how we can attract more visitors to your site by improving your Metadata.

2. Indexation and crawl-ability

In order to obtain a great ranking on search engines, you should allow the search engines crawlers not only to find but also to crawl on your website. If such a crawl bot will not be able to crawl on your site, it will definitely have no info to return to the search engine, making your site invisible this way. The XML sitemap, HTML sitemap, and Robot.txt are three elements that will help with your site’s indexation and crawl-ability.

3. URL structure

The URL works pretty much as a title tag, allowing potential visitors and search engines to see what your website is all about. Allow our professionals in web marketing, Winnipeg having some of the best experts, to show you how an ideal URL structure should look like. One of our main missions is to make sure that your website will become as visible as possible online.

4. Secure protocol

The security of your website is a must, not only to provide secure online experiences for your visitors but also to obtain better ranks on search engines. Yes, security is another thing search engine bots are looking for, secure sites being preferred on top of unsecured ones. Opt for a reliable encryption and you are on your way to obtaining a security certificate for your site as well.

5. Redirects and canonicalization

At this point, you must be aware just how important site crawling is, a tool that will help you improve the crawl-ability of each page on your website is more than helpful. With the help of our Internet marketing agency in Winnipeg, you will be able to cover this aspect as well, so do not hesitate to contact us and discuss the details that will provide a more successful website.

6. Site speed optimization

It is futile to say that everybody is looking to find websites that load fast and save time. A site that does not have its speed optimized properly will have its visitors leave its pages in a matter of seconds. We will analyze just how fast your website is loading and if there is the need to make any improvements in this sector, to make sure that you will not be drawn back by this when Google ranks your site.

7.Rich snippets or schema structured data

Structured data is another aspect that will help you ensure a great visibility of your website on search engines. This way, you will provide valuable data that will be seen by Digital Marketing helping them digest the information faster. What will be the result of using snippets? An improved click-through rate of your website is what you get if you make sure to include this part of your SEO strategy.

Each of the above technical SEO audits can make the measurable impact on your business sales and digital marketing but if you want an instant understanding about your website online marketing strategy and tools then contact us at Web Magic Winnipeg for more assistance.

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