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How to make your website enjoy Higher Ranks this Year

Achieving higher ranks this year is a challenge that works the minds of both website owners and webmasters, as they all try to find the best strategy that will propel their websites among the top ranks. With the rules of this game constantly changed by the search engines that rule the Internet, the answers to this question are not easy to find at all, as search engines keep these precious secrets very well guarded. Luckily, there are some among us that constantly find new and more efficient ways to get the much-needed high ranks. Knowing this aspect, what needs to be made in order to enjoy higher ranks for our websites in 2017?

One thing is for sure and that is the fact that you’ll have to use several tools if you want to push your website on the desired rank using Internet Marketing. The following elements, which seem to be much preferred by search engines, will give you a clue about what kind of tools you need.

  • Web security

It is not a secret anymore that Google likes more websites that are secure. What does “secure” means? The ones that have a HTTPS protocol attached to the used domain seem to be better ranked by Google, therefore more appreciated. The rank was closely connected to the number of domains with HTTPS versions found on the site, so the more domains Google found the higher the rank got. To reach such a stage, buy a SSL certificate and use your hosting provider to get HTTPS certification. If you already have one, you need to make sure that all the domains you use are making it visible.

  • Referring domains

The backlink profile of your site should contain a high number of unique and trustworthy domains that are relevant and connected to your activity niche. Use white hat methods to cease backlinking opportunities, especially those that built a high authority in the domain where you activate.

  • Signals for user behavior

You need to find signals that indicate user behavior in order to see whether your content is interesting and engaging enough, if the navigation on the site is considered easy and convenient, and to see how users spend time on your site in general. This will help you remediate any existing issues and help lower the bounce rate. To make users spend more time on your site, it must be user-friendly and information should be presented in such a manner that it will be easy to anybody to search information in their interest range. Your site should take visitors on a logical journey toward an end where you should find the best method to make a conversion.

  • The length of the content

Finding the ideal content length is another struggle when it comes to making a website rank higher. It seems that website development with longer content, around 2000 words or more, manage to give visitors the impression of making a more detailed analysis, which can significantly influence their authority in their domain. Keywords are also very important, but the higher the keyword volume becomes, the longer the content should be. Also, break the content by using bullet points, images, and video content, and try providing a more detailed insight than just spinning the content version of your competitors.

  • On-page elements

Many use on-page elements for achieving higher ranks by including keywords in them. Thus, the title, body, Meta description, images, video content, headings, and everything in between use keyword to increase a site’s visibility on search engines by attracting the attention of crawlers. If the pages of your website have keywords you would like to use for ranking, you could use them for this purpose, just be careful not to exaggerate with it. You could use the help of available site crawlers to see what you managed to achieve, such as Screaming Frog, to see whether this part needs more adjustments.

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