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How Website Development Winnipeg shortlisted 5 SEO metrics in your sight

SEO is a complex process that is more than just using certain keywords to optimize content and waiting for results to start appearing. While you can get the help of a service of website development Winnipeg to take care of SEO, is always good for you to also know what this process involves. This way, even if you have specialists to back you up, you will also know what is happening and be in control of your website. So do take a look below and see what are the most important SEO metrics you need to have in mind at all times.

  1. The ranking of the keywords you use

So you are using keywords for your content’s SEO optimization, but what kind of keywords? Are they relevant enough and is your customer niche using them to find similar services of what you have to offer? You need to do proper research before deciding what keywords to use and see just how well their rank. Only using the best keywords in your site’s content will actually increase your site’s visibility.

  1. Your backlinks’ quality

Link building became a method used a lot to increase the rankings of a website. But, in the past, if quantity made the difference, the more backlinks you had the more visible you became, now quality matters the most. If you want to make sure that your website uses high-quality backlinks, opt for the services of a professional that specializes in web development in Winnipeg and he will know what needs to be done in this case.

  1. What is the average time spent by a user on page?

Do you know the answer to this question? If you don’t, then it is worth mentioning that people usually don’t spend more than 15 seconds on a page, before deciding if they will leave or stay. So you need to deliver in these 15 seconds or you’re going to lose your visitors. Design plays an important role in stirring the interest of visitors, so you may use an expert in web design, Winnipeg providing experienced and talented web designers to help you provide your users a great looking website.

  1. The loading speed of your page

Nobody has sufficient patience to wait for a website to load for too long. In fact, there is almost no patience at all at this chapter. If a web page is not completely loaded in less than 3 seconds, that user will leave without looking back. If your page is loading slowly, taking more than 3 seconds to load, this may affect your bounce rate, which will decrease your site’s rating in time.

  1. How many returning visitors you have?

Returning visitors are probably the most valuable visitors your site can enjoy. They are the ones that know about your site and what you have to offer already, so they are the ones that are the easiest to convert into new clients. Also, the number of returning visitors may tell you whether the website is easy to find and easy to use, so keep an eye on this metric.

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