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For an excellent ROI you need to make SEO together with SEM

When creating a website, everybody is trying to maximize the ROI, in order to make the investment worth it. But what most people don’t know is that SEO and SEM are two strategies that should work together, and not separated. It is true that each of them treats a particular aspect, but by entwining these two methods you will definitely improve how your ROI is looking. You see, while search engine optimization (SEO) is working on improving your search engine ranking in an organic manner, by using fresh content and relevant keywords, SEM takes care of the marketing of your site, by purchasing paid ads to increase the site’s visibility. So, after all, these two have one main goal, and that is to make your site visible in search results and increase the traffic on your site.

Both of these strategies have advantages and downsides as well, this is why it is such a good idea to make them work together. For instance, it takes a while or SEO to kick in, while SEM can provide faster results, making up for the time in which SEO will become effective. And this is only one example in which one can compensate the other. Here are more benefits you can get if you adopt these two strategies at once.

1. Potential visitors will get to see your site twice in search results

As mentioned before, SEO will give great organic results in search engines, while SEM will make your site visible through paid ads. This means that with the help of these Internet marketing techniques people will get more familiar with your site and brand faster because they will get to see it twice. And it is a proven fact that people tend to choose what is more familiar to them, then opting for a brand that they never heard of. How much can this help? It appears that sites that appear both in organic and paid ads get approximately 92% of the total number of clicks, which is more than significant.

2. You get the analytic results of two methods to get a better view of what your audience needs

Search Engine Optimization

Adopting two methods means getting two types of analytics to help you out. You will not only see what needs to be improved about each campaign, but you will also get precious information from the analytics of one strategy about how to improve the other. For instance, the analytics of your paid ads will let you know what keywords are attracting the biggest number of clicks, keywords you can then use for the SEO of your site’s content or Meta descriptions for better results.

3. You can fast and easy opportunities for link building

Anyone that tried using external links as a way to increase traffic knows just how difficult such a thing is to achieve. It is both time and resource consuming and it may not deliver the results you need. But, if you opt for paid ads, you can scatter link here and there, in places it wouldn’t normally be possible to do such a thing. If you want something efficient, you should seriously consider investing resources into Facebook advertising, because it can get you the degree of exposure you need for your website.

Each of the above strategies can make the measurable impact on your business visibility and ranking but if you want an instant understanding about your website rankings and tools then contact us at Web Magic Winnipeg for more search engine optimization assistance.

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